Our House of Worship

St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Orthodox Church

A Brief History

The origins of St. Michael's Church can be traced to the 1903 founding of an Independent Greek Church congregation in the Zawale District southwest of Andrew, AB. In 1918 - 1920, the membership divided between those who wanted to remain with the Presbyterian backed Independent Church and those who wished to join the newly established Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada. In late 1929, supporters of the latter resolved to construct their own place of worship at NW 36-55-17-W4. Work began that winter, with William Dorosh being hired as the building contractor and Steve Hrudey acting as the foreman. In June 1930, Fr. Teodor Kisiliuk celebrated the first liturgy in the new church. Despite many hardships, St. Michael's provided for the spiritual needs of the faithful for many decades until it was impossible to maintain due to rural depopulation. The no longer used sanctuary was moved to present Bar-v-nok site in March 1994, where it was subsequently restored. It was blessed at a hierarchical liturgy officiated by Archbishop John of Edmonton in 1995. This historic building now stands here as a reminder of the Ukrainian Orthodox pioneers in Alberta and their dedication to their faith.

Church Restoration and Repair

Our beloved church is currently in need of some repairs in order to ensure that it is available to us and our community for many more years to come. Starting this Spring we will begin the first few steps to ensuring that the church in honour of St. Michael the Archangel is once again able to be a functioning place of worship at Bar-v-nok.

In order to make these restorations and repairs possible, we are turning to your our community members to help us finance this project.

Scope of the project:

  • Inspection and repair of large dome due to water damage
  • Replace all water damaged material inside and outside
  • Seal and paint large dome and 2 small domes and ensure weatherproofing
  • Paint exterior of church
  • Paint interior of church
  • Refinish hardwood flooring throughout
  • purchase and install historical potbelly stove
  • Replace all windows

How to Donate to the Project

To make a donation to this project and be able to receive a TAX RECEIPT, please make cheques payable to the Council of Ukrainian Orthodox Churches of Edmonton with memo: "Bar-v-nok Church Restoration"

Mail to: Attention: CUOCE - 10611 110 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2Z5