Overview of our facility

As the Camp Bar-V-Nok Society, it is our goal to ensure that we are continually providing our community with a facility that is carefully designed to meet the needs of all those that use it. As a community we have worked hard to maintain the facility and ensure that it is safe, engaging and memorable. In an effort to meet our desired goals today and into the future, we recognize a need to be looking at ways to improve what we have to offer and broaden our expectations for ourselves as stewards of this amazing property. In order to achieve these goals we need support from all of our stakeholders in terms of expertise, volunteer hours and financial commitment to help build a facility for the future.

Bar-v-nok Retreat and Conference Centre is located on the North Shore of Pigeon Lake approximately 1 hour from Edmonton, 1 hour 15 minutes from Red Deer and 2 1/5 hours from Calgary.

The facility is available to a variety of groups including schools, university groups, clubs and organizations for retreats and workshops, as well family gatherings to celebrate milestones at Pigeon Lake. The revenue generated from facility rentals will continue to support the revitalization of this facility and its unique programming.

What do we have to offer?